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Finvasia Отзывы

About the company:

Former Wall Street experts launched Finvasia in 2009. In 2011, the Securities and Exchange Board of India approved an application for stockbroker membership. After completing registration as a clearing member of the NSE and MCX in 2013, the broker’s services became available to clients all over the world.

The firm just obtained INR 1.5 billion in FDI, which would help the firm develop its low-cost technology-based investing products. ZuluTrade, a significant social trading network, was also recently bought by the corporation. In addition, Tajinder Singh, the company’s CEO and founder, kept his promise in December 2021, boosting the company’s investment market share and extending its line of services, which now includes investment, savings, spending, and loans.

Trading platforms

Users can choose from a variety of systems and programs. These include the Shoonya and ScalperT exclusive terminals, as well as third-party systems like NEST and NSE NOW.


Finvasia created Shoonya, a multi-asset trading platform. It may be downloaded for free as a desktop program or used as a web trader in any major browser. The terminal is designed for both novice and experienced traders, and it tries to simplify investment by providing easy features.

Over 100 technical indicators, option chains, customized watchlists, and historical trading data are all available on the site. The Terminal also has comprehensive charting capabilities as well as more than 15 analytical screeners with price alerts.

The following order types are accepted: MIS, GTT, margin order, and bracket order. Instructions and assistance for downloading the platform may be obtained on the broker’s YouTube channel or in the FAQ section of the website.

Omnesis NEST

For over 20 years, Indian investors have trusted this reputable and well-established investment option. Traders can use Nest, a third-party client program. There is no web trader option, and it can only be downloaded on desktop computers.

A monthly fee is charged, which varies depending on the exchange. Transactions on the BSE, MCX, and NSE typically cost Rs. 49 per month. Fast execution times, a market sentiment tool, and different trading calculators, such as an option margin calculator and an implied volatility calculator, are just a few of the features.

Finvasia Отзывы


ScalperT is an alternative web platform. Real-time market updates, customizable watchlists, and over 40 technical indicators are all available on the platform. With the ability to display up to four charts in one interface, users may trade right from the charts. Choose from a variety of drawing elements, overlays, and chart styles to meet your investing needs.

Symphony Presto

The platform supports trading algorithms on the MCX, BSE, and NSE, and is a popular computerized third-party investment terminal. With a monthly charge of Rs 1599, this instrument is ideal for more advanced investors. There’s also a bespoke strategy builder. New traders, on the other hand, can use pre-approved techniques. Customizable API users (.NET and Java), automatic order trading through charts, and paper-trading tools for testing methods are among the other features. Please note that this platform requires NISM or NCFM certificates to be utilized.


The National Securities Exchange launched NSE NOW, an online portal (NSE). The terminal may be downloaded for free or accessed via various web browsers. A monthly fee of Rs 150 is charged for trading on exchanges other than the NSE. Users may access analytical charts and graphs, as well as customizable market overviews and net position reports, through the portal. Due to restricted design features and a clumsy interface that may not be suited for novices, reviews indicate that this terminal is not very user-friendly.


Prism is a client portal for brokers. Customers may use a single sign-on and interface to examine and evaluate their assets. Uploading tax records, uploading identity verification data, modifying your leverage plan, examining expenditure calculators, and accessing online chat help are all options accessible through the Finvasia Customer Service Center.


For the customers of the company, several assets are available to trade, which are listed below.

  • Stocks
  • Leverage existing pools of money to benefit from stocks, bonds, and more.
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Futures and options


Furthermore, regardless of volume, there are no account opening costs, Shoonya platform fees, call fees, or clearing rates. While the zero commission broker concept is gaining traction, there are still additional costs to consider. You will be charged the government and statutory fees. Clients may analyze estimated margins, government fees, and taxes by asset and volume before placing a deal. They change depending on the asset type, and we’ve included some examples below.


Intraday leverage has been decreased to guarantee that 100 percent of the required margin is collected for all stock and derivatives transactions, as per SEBI guidelines implemented in 2021. Depending on the stock’s volatility, the minimum margin for intraday trades is 20% of the trade value. This implies that customers can trade with daily leverage ratios of up to 5x daily.

The leverage level for the assets is listed below.

  • Promotions: up to 5 times
  • MXC futures: 1x
  • 1x currency futures
  • Up to 5x equity
  • Buying and selling options: 1x
  • Stock delivery and stock futures: 1x

Mobile applications

Mobile apps are available for all platforms. Customers may get the Shoonya Beta and ScalperT mobile trading applications for free, which are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. While on the road, active customers may manage their accounts, open and close trades, check real-time pricing, and examine charts. Although peer review sites describe rudimentary navigation features compared to desktop systems, Nest and NSE NOW both provide mobile app compatibility.

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