A detailed review of Golden Stanley online brokerage

Golden Stanley review

Golden Stanley is a great business with the best strategy! The company does its job on the highest level, the client feels safe and relaxed because everything is thought out to the smallest detail and best suited to the needs of individual traders. The broker conducts its own market research and offers training for beginning traders. Thanks to the absence of commissions for stocks and ETFs, the client can save a lot of money. The support is top-notch and you will feel really welcome.

Golden Stanley offers a full package of services and works in all markets, this is highly appreciated by the company’s current clients.

Quality Trading Platforms at Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley review

The company offers several trading platforms, including a handy app for mobile devices and it’s very important because trading can be done away from a desktop computer.

Online trader Golden Stanley.com

The platform, apart from the standard functions and options, monitors various market parameters, indexes, detects market trends and helps to analyze them. The trader can open both simple transactions in one click and build complex strategies from one interface.

The platform is adaptive and you can easily customize it to your needs in order to optimize trading. Screens are available to set up trading ideas, and what is very convenient, news bulletins are in the corner of the screen and do not interfere in the process in any way. The charts can be presented in a spreadsheet format and trades can be opened in several steps on a standard trading ticket. You can access the platform through the desktop version. You can also access the platform through the web.

If necessary, you may activate a virtual assistant, and a watch list is available for download where you can add assets and quotes of interest. Correspondingly, the market behavior forecast will be more exact.

Training and support in Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley review

The broker provides information from independent sources as well as with the corresponding analytics. Extensive work is done to make the information useful and profitable for both the trader and the company.

If you invest in mutual funds, you will have access to the rating. This will allow you to choose the right fund based on your needs. This is actually a convenient way to find the information you need and decide on your choice.

There are over 30,000 different offers available in total through the appropriate program.

Trading commissions and account types at Golden Stanley

There are no commissions for securities transactions, for options a fixed commission of $0.7 per contract. If you don’t need the full range of features, you can find lower commissions. Generally, the commissions are not the highest on the market, and the information obtained is very valuable and useful in this business. You can start with minimum account of $200, which makes the company very attractive.

The main types of accounts offered for clients are: educational, business, individual, etc. There are even charitable accounts, which you do not see in other companies. If you want to reach a higher level, the company will offer you all the conditions for this.

What Golden Stanley’s commission does not cover

If you invest in mutual funds and there are over seven thousand of them, the company does not charge a commission for participating in them, however, you should not trade in the largest volumes in order to avoid financial losses. The company has a large number of instruments with no commission, which can be seen as a friendly attitude to its clients.

Equity shares in Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley review

Not every beginning investor is ready to buy the whole stock, here you can buy a small fraction of almost any stock from the SNP500 list, these are stocks of technological and other companies in the United States.

With $10, you can buy one piece of stock. It is possible to buy up to thirty shares at a time. In this case, as there is no broker’s commission, which makes trading more attractive.

In the near future, it will be possible to buy stocks in parts or shares from another list, this is a work in progress now.

Golden Stanley mobile app

It has all the same features as the web app, you also get access to accounts and trading, the process is encrypted and fairly secure for the client. You can open and close trades, view charts, make deposits and withdraw profit in two clicks through the app.

As one of the innovations it should be noted voice assistant, such a function is rare and most brokers have not been implemented.

Support service

Golden Stanley review

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, despite the fact that some markets do not work on weekends. Questions can be asked through the web chat, by mail, by phone. Support through social networks is implemented.

Bonuses for the new Golden Stanley client

There is a referral program for new users. When an existing client brings in a new client and makes a deposit of $1000, a 10 percent bonus is given to the client who brought in a newcomer. The payment is credited immediately to a card or bank account. The upper limit of the bonus is not limited.

Transfer fees at Golden Stanley

Despite the fact that there is a commission for a partial transfer of 25 dollars, and for a full – 50, you should not consider it as a high commission, the advantages the company has much more.

Golden Stanley investment options

The company offers many options for income, this and investment funds, contracts, bonds and securities. This is not a complete list of options. Particular attention is paid to operations in cryptocurrency, as this is a promising direction for the company.

Bottom line on Golden Stanley’s review

According to customers and many reputable publications, Golden Stanley provides almost all popular services in the stock market and does so at the highest level:

Trading stocks and ETFs without commission (this increases trader’s profits)

24/7 support, a fast and convenient app, and the ability to buy shares open up new opportunities for newcomers.

Own market research and analysis together with a good database of training materials are part of the project and do not require additional fees.

15 Responses

  1. Donna Thompson says:

    I have been working recently, but I like that there is a large selection of tools, the platform seems to be also fine, so far everything is okay.

  2. Kenneth Moreno says:

    From my own experience, I will say that their analysts are professionals in their field. It is very easy for me with my analyst, and all transactions are the most profitable.

  3. Dorothy Carr says:

    My friend started trading with golden Stanley half a year ago, to not be depended on family, she earns stable income and now she made me interested in this too. As a newcomer I don’t quite understand everything, but I think that I will soon feel the first profit.

  4. Edith White says:

    Golden Stanley provides the basic functions of day trading, the platform is convenient, I think we will be cooperating for a long time.

  5. Randy Ferguson says:

    a really low commission for the profit’s that you can do with this broker, that’s why i love working with them, also the support service is on level, they are always on time

  6. Larry Moss says:

    A perfect broker for experienced and for the beginners too, they will help you in everything needed. and even if you don’t understand how it works at all, this is a safe broker to start with, i had no experience in the beginning.

  7. Christopher Reed says:

    if you are looking for a broker who for sure will do his business while you can do your stuff peacefully, this is the right broker for you, they know their job and provide everything needed to make their clients pleased.

  8. Carol Adams says:

    what can i say? i made a good profit in just 4 days when i started with this company, they provide you qualified managers and easy platform with lot’s of tools to trade, also the withdrawn commission is really low, and it is a big plus for the company who is not on market for just a year

  9. Jennifer Myers says:

    This broker is the best what happened with me in 2 years that i am trading. i have experienced working with 6 companies but Golden stanley is the one that i am mostly comfortable with. wish everyone good experience and good luck in trading

  10. Mary Owens says:

    a very easy to use platform and polite staff who are always ready to help in every situation, i had zero experience in stock exchange before Golden stanley’s managers did their best to teach me step by step how to use platform and withdraw out money.

  11. Miguel Jones says:

    i made my first good profit after 2 days working with this broker and it is impressive. working with them for 2 months already.my advise to everyone

  12. Evelyn Edwards says:

    not every broker provides you that much tools for trading and many transactions so you can choose by yourself. absolutely love working with this broker

  13. Scott Martinez says:

    this broker is cool actually, i am impressed how low are the commissions for withdrawal and how comfortable and easy the platform is. with lot’s of tools for trading, i advise it to everybody.

  14. Kelly Carter says:

    This broker is the best choice especially if you have little kids and can’t work all the day. this broker does everything instead of you and you still earn stable passive income out of it. i am so pleased with this company

  15. Joseph Martin says:

    I love the opportunity of day trading with this broker, most of the transactions are highly profitable, i get stable income out of this and it is very pleasing

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