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Angel Broking

About company

Angel Broking is one of India’s leading full-service retail brokers. Despite being geared at Indian clientele, Angel Broking welcomes worldwide applications for Demat accounts.

Dinesh Takkar, the current CEO of Angel Broking Ltd (previously known as Angel Broking Private Limited), started the company in 1987. The broker is based in Mumbai, India. However, the broker has over 1000 offices in India, including Kolkata and Kerala. It also has a user base of more than 5 million people.

The firm provides financial services for equities, currencies, and commodities. Angel Broking is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the National Stock Exchange (NSE), and the Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI). Money Control displays target prices for the company’s shares.

Trading platform

Angel broking one trade

Angel Investing One Trade is a broker with a proprietary stock portfolio tracker and an online trading platform.The activity is carried out via an integrated wealth management tool, from which you may manage the accounts of family members. You may also perform market research utilizing interactive charts on the platform. These characteristics are as follows:

  • Track your portfolio, make periodic investments, and manage the accounts of family members.
  • Market Research: Gather the most recent market information from your broker’s sources. With several calculators, you may access full P&L statements and examine your model portfolio.
  • Notifications: Use email or SMS notifications to stay on top of your attachments. Reminders about payment deadlines will be sent to you.
  • Charts and Tools: Change the filters and indicators to see personalized market trend charts. New orders may be placed immediately on the charts.

Angel speedpro

SpeedPro is a desktop trading program and software that serves as a one-stop shop for trade monitoring. The platform is accessible for download as an.exe file from the Angel Broking website for Windows PCs (including the Windows 10 app) or macOS. Among the features are:

  • Course updates in live time. Angel Speed Pro provides live streaming quotations, allowing you to trade immediately.
  • Portfolio: Keep track of all your investments in one location. Examine the scenario’s purchase price, daily profit and loss, and overall profit and loss on your investment.
  • Online trading allows you to invest in and redeem mutual funds and other securities from the comfort of your own home.
  • Information messages and reports that are integrated. Access real-time news updates and research studies to make an informed investing decision.
  • Market Watch in Real Time: Keep track of and change real-time market data in Excel. Charts may be customized based on your indicators.

Users may also use Angel One’s clever API to develop their own end-to-end platform and apply their own trading algorithms.

Mobile applications

Angel Broking’s mobile app, Angel One, is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. ARQ technology, which is a rules-based investing engine, is used in its stock trading app. On one page, the software allows you to construct and exchange your portfolio.

Unlike other broker platforms, the mobile app uses ARQ to provide customized offers and investment suggestions. Members must complete KYC verification and customer registration in order to establish an account for their mobile application. According to the broker, their mobile app has been downloaded a total of 10 million times.

Angel Broking


Angel Broking trades stocks, commodities, currencies, initial public offerings (IPOs), mutual funds, futures, and options. Only four currency pairings are offered by the broker: USD/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR, and JPY/INR. Agriculture, minerals, and precious metals futures and options are also supported by Angel Broking. For Indian traders, the broker has lately begun offering overseas assets. This means you may invest in US equities through Vested Finance, a partner.


Angel Broking offers cheap and competitive commissions. On pre-filled orders for intraday transactions, deliveries, items, and currencies, the brokerage charges a fixed fee of INR 20 or 0.25 percent (whichever is lesser) regardless of order size. In stock delivery transactions, there are no hidden costs. In addition, as part of their Angel iTrade Prime programs, there is a $0 brokerage plan for AMC costs for the first year of account opening. Please keep in mind that intraday fees are not the same as stock shipping prices. They use a price scheme of INR 20. Demat accounts are charged an annual service fee of INR 240 by Angel Broking.

In the event that you are unsure, the brokerage firm provides a calculator tool. It analyzes and compares intraday and carry forward brokerage costs for commodities, currencies, futures, and stock options. This may be done on a variety of stock and commodities markets. Transaction fees, state stamp duty, securities transaction tax (STT), goods and services tax (GST), and other taxes are included in the calculator. All of the additional costs listed in the broker’s Terms and Conditions are explicit.


Angel Broking’s leverage restrictions are high (up to 1:40) and vary by asset, compared to other international brokers. The trading margin requirement, on the other hand, is deemed low:

  • 1:20 capital supply
  • During the day, capital volume was 1:40.
  • Futures on Stocks: 1:10.
  • 1:10 stock options
  • CFDs on commodities: 1:10.
  • Contracts for forex options: 1: 7
  • Contracts for currency futures: 1: 5

When trading futures and options, users can use a margin calculator to compute the first margin fees. In an already perilous trading market, this decreases risk and protects the broker from disinformation concerning margin and leverage.

Payment Methods

Angel Broking allows you to fund your account in the following ways:

  • Using any debit card, payment gateways from major banks. This option comes with a price of INR 10 to INR 20. Credit cards are not accepted by SEBI for account funding.
  • OIL, RTGS facility: This process takes 2 to 3 hours on average. If the NEFT is sent from the same bank where your broker has an account, financing is immediate. NEFT transactions are free, whereas RTGS is identical to NEFT but needs a minimum transaction amount of Rs 2 lakh. IMPS transfers are instantaneous and may be done between 09:00 and 18:00 IST, outside of NEFT hours.
  • Margin Check / Direct Deposit: This can only be done with an offline trading account. Only after obtaining a clearing loan, which normally takes 2-3 days, is funding possible.

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