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BDSwiss Overview

BDSwiss is situated in Switzerland and offers consumers the choice of registering on their Swiss website or a European platform, as the name suggests. There are more than ten offices throughout the world that serve traders from all over the world.

About the firm

In 2012, the company was founded in Zurich. The company presently transacts over €20 billion in FX transactions per month and has over 16,000 partner accounts worldwide. BDSwiss is certified by CYSEC in the European Union, the National Futures Association in the United States, and the Forest Stewardship Council in the United States.

trading platform

The company provides MT4 and WebTrader. The website defaults to English. However, international users can select to utilize the website in any of the languages they like. It takes less than a minute to create an account on the platform, so you can start trading nearly instantly.

The site is simple to navigate, and you can visit the Trading Academy from the main website if you are new to trading. To add €10,000 in demo trading funds, you must communicate personally with an advisor while starting a demo trading account.

As you browse their website, you’ll discover that they host frequent trader webinars, offer video courses, and provide a variety of instructional tools for traders of all levels.

BDSwiss отзывы


You can trade Forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, among other asset classes. You can trade all major CFD currency pairings, most minor currencies, and a variety of exotic pairs if you want to trade the Forex markets.

There are more than 50 currency pairs from which to choose.

Over five CFDs on commodities, including gold, natural gas, and oil, are available on the platform. Four of the most popular foreign stock exchanges offer more than 140 stock pairs. There are also several indexes and cryptocurrencies to choose from. The list of available assets is constantly expanding, and after registering, you can explore the complete range of asset types.

If you choose the EUR/USD pair, which is one of the major currency pairs, you get a fairly easy illustration of currency trading in the Forex market. If you’re given a price of 1.10 for the EUR/USD pair, it means you’re getting 1.10 USD for 1 EUR.

If the price changes by 1.20, that means the dollar has become weaker against the euro. This trade would profit you if you opened a position to buy the euro against the US dollar. Any Forex trader’s purpose is to predict the currency’s increase or fall to benefit from sales or purchases.

Spreads and commissions

In the financial markets, currency pairings and indexes are quoted according to the spread. The spread is the difference between the offer price (what you pay for an asset) and the bid price (what you pay for an asset) (this is what you achieve when you sell).

Spread values, which are measured in pips, differ amongst assets. Trading costs and commissions are not levied on most deals; instead, trading fees are included in the spreads. Spreads fluctuate during the day, and they are influenced by market circumstances and volatility.

For share CFD trades, as well as trades, rolled over to the next day, a small commission (0.1 percent) is charged.

Mobile applications

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store both have the app. Logging in with your Facebook or Google accounts can also be accessed without having to download anything. You can also trade on the go using your smartphone, and the mobile platform supports all asset classes.

Trading account replenishment methods

Bank transfers, credit or debit cards, Skrill, and Sofort are all options for depositing or withdrawing money on the platform.

There are no limits on how much cash can be deposited or withdrawn, albeit wire transfers up to €100 incur a €10 cost, and the minimum bank transfer withdrawal is €50, plus a €10 fee.

Regulation and licensing

The company is a trading branch of BDSwiss Holding Ltd., a Cyprus-based company with the registration number HE300153 and a license number 199/13 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”).

In South Africa, the corporation is also governed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

BDSwiss is one of the most dependable traders in the European and global markets, with over 1 million active traders at any given moment.

BDSwiss отзывы

Account Types

The Classic Account for Retail Traders, the VIP Account with decreased spreads, and the Raw Account with even lower spreads, which is the most popular alternative, are all available.

Customer Service

Customer service is available by Live Chat five days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You can also send an email to or use the platform’s contact form.

The country the firm works with

BDSwiss accepts traders from:

  • Australia;
  • Thailand
  • Canada;
  • Singapore;
  • Hong Kong
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Kuwait;
  • Qatar


Traders can choose from a wide choice of equities and commodities at the firm. You can utilize the site’s charting function to trade in candlestick or line format, and you can add your indicators from the site’s large selection. For technical analysis and decision-making, forex traders will appreciate the platform’s extensive features.

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