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BUX Zero Отзывы

About the company

Following successful launches in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and France, BUX Zero now has a user base of over 30,000 traders scattered across Europe. The new type of brokerage provides commission-free trading using a mobile app, allowing regular investors to invest in firms whenever and wherever they choose. BUX Zero is aimed towards the younger generation, for whom mobile banking has served as a springboard for mobile commerce. Since its introduction, the broker has been gaining popularity thanks to Tencent’s support.

Trading platform

Shopping Center is a user-friendly mobile trading platform with a variety of customization options to aid with execution and usability. The platform is simple to use, so you can always access important information like your portfolio, watch list, and emails. Guaranteed stop orders and OCO orders are also supported by the platform. The application’s user-friendly interface is straightforward, however, the toolbox for technical analysis is restricted. This may be a problem for traders who are used to the complicated tools offered by some of the big brokers.

BUX Zero is a mobile broker that conducts all of its business using a mobile trading platform. The BUX Zero app is available for free on iOS and Android smartphones (APK). Customer feedback is overwhelmingly good, praising the user-friendly interface and clean design.


ETFs and equities from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, and the United States are available through the firm. Companies ranging from well-known to lesser-known are represented on the stock market. Several equities are traded on some of the world’s most prestigious exchanges. The app or the broker’s website has a comprehensive list of available equities.

BUX X and BUX Crypto, two of the broker’s subsidiaries, provide other assets in addition to stock investments. The first is a CFD broker that offers worldwide stock, index, currency, and commodities derivatives. The company’s cryptocurrency portal, BUX crypto, allows users to exchange several tokens.

BUX Zero Отзывы


Three sorts of orders are supported by BUX Zero:

  1. Market orders allow you to buy stocks right away, and orders are filled at the best possible price. On market orders for EU stocks and ETFs, BUX Zero charges a € 1 cost, whereas US stocks are free.
  2. Limit Orders – These allow you to have more control over the price at which an item is purchased. You may select a maximum or minimum price for both initiating and closing an order using a limit order. However, after the trading day, the intended price may not always be reached, and the order will expire. Limit orders on EU stocks and ETFs cost € 1, although they are free for US stocks.
  3. You may buy stocks and ETFs without paying a fee on European marketplaces using zero orders. At the end of each trading day, these orders are fulfilled. The order is canceled if the price difference at the time is more than 5% for sell orders and 4% for purchase orders. Because US stocks no longer demand a commission, zero orders aren’t supported. For each investment that is not made in your account’s native currency, BUX Zero levies a 0.25 percent Currency Conversion Fee.


By borrowing money from a broker, traders can open positions that are larger than the amount of cash they are putting in. This type of trading, also known as margin trading, improves market participation while also potentially increasing rewards for successful trades. BUX Zero allows clients to change their rates and margins such that they are comfortable with the margin and risks they are taking. The Dutch Financial Markets Authority sets the maximum leverage levels, which are set at one to five.

Deposit and withdrawal

Customers from all qualifying countries can use bank transfers to fund their BUX Zero accounts. Consumers in the Netherlands may utilize Tikkie to fund their accounts, whereas customers in Germany can use open banking. The broker does not accept PayPal transactions. Account replenishment is done under the “Portfolio,” “Shared Account,” and “Replenishment” sections of the BUX Zero application. Then choose the transfer method you wish and follow the on-screen instructions. Bank transfers and open bank transactions take one to two working days to process, but Tikkie deposits are done immediately.

Demo account

A demo account is not available at BUX Zero. From the start, clients must create a live trading account. Hands-on accounts are a valuable method to grasp the platform or test out new ideas in a risk-free environment, therefore this makes the rest of their offerings less competitive.


With a promo code, BUX Zero is giving an introductory “free share” deal. Clients receive it once they create a trading account. The broker determines the size of the offered share, which might range from 1 to 200 euros. The promotion’s full terms and conditions may be found on the broker’s website and application.

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