Fidelity Investments reviews

Fidelity Investments reviews

This company is one of the ten largest companies in North America, suitable for most traders. It is offered to work on its own platform Fidelity, which is very well designed and convenient thanks to the large number of studies, tools and the ease of opening orders. There is an advanced version for more experienced traders – Active Trader Pro, which offers streaming data download and customizable interface.

Pros of

Fast execution of deals

High level research

Money market fund for free funds

Ability to customize the news display


Allowed to use different platforms simultaneously for the required instruments

Account creation is available only for American citizens

No futures trading on commodities market


Wide range of assets with access through the platform or web version:

Short and long orders when trading stocks


Government bonds, Treasuries

Trading with robo-advisor already integrated into the platform




Corporate bonds

Types of orders

The web version allows you to create conditional orders where one replaces the other or one triggers the other.

It is possible to create a group of shares, with further management of each share or the entire group. It is a unique tool and seldom brokers provide it.

When working with one asset for a long time there is an opportunity to provide the average value of it when paying tax.

Trading Technologies

Fidelity Investments reviews

The broker is interested in having the client buy the asset at a price lower than the market and sell it at a higher price, it is called the price improvement. This is possible thanks to the Fidelity Dynamic Liquidity Management (FDLM) tool. If you buy shares by the lot of a thousand pieces, you can save about 13.86 per share, which is a decent result.

If you place orders in excess of $25,000 per year, you have access to a premium segment tool, Wealth-Lab Pro, to create a premium strategy. To implement a strategy on the basis of this tool, you need to be admitted to the automatic trading – for this purpose, you need to have a balance of $10000 and more.


There are no transaction fees for ETFs and OTCBB. The commission is $0.65 per contract and $32.5 for 50 options contracts. For mutual funds, the fee is 49.95 if the client is not a “No Transaction Fee” member. There is no fee for an inactive trading account, for depositing/withdrawing funds. Minor exchange fee is charged. Before you buy a mutual fund, check to see if you will be charged a $75 fee or not. Some funds are purchased without a fee.

In general, a number of deals have commissions, and quite varied, check the information before you open the deal.

Research Conveniences.

In addition to tools and various calculators, the broker offers screeners for various assets.

Screens of shares and ETFs

The screener helps you to choose a stock of interest based on the given parameters and using ESG estimates. Checking ETFs is an identical process, but it allows you to use the ratings provided by the company’s analysts.

Options Scanners

The company has an excellent approach to market scanning and assets sorting, for example, there is a LiveVol utility for options, in the professional version of the platform there are 26 filters available for the necessary parameters (volatility, volume, interest, income, etc.), and the number of criteria exceeds two hundred.

In general, it would be problematic to conduct a sample of 120 thousand offers without screeners.

Tools and calculators

Under the menu item “Tools and calculators” there are forty different tools, including those helping to predict the profitability and its influence on the investment portfolio.

Generators of trading ideas

Presented by the company is a tool for open ideas, this utility compares strategies and automatically fills a trading ticket.

News and research

The platform broadcasts news from various portals and on various topics, all of which can be sorted to leave only the necessary information. The advanced Active Trader Pro version has the ability to set up a news feed from Bloomberg TV.

In addition to research from in-house analysts, third-party research from market leaders such as Standard & Poors, Hightower Report, Ned Davis Research and Zacks is also available. The section offers an introduction to distribution strategy. CFRA also has MSCI and Recognia data available.

Technical Analysis and Charts

It is based on a large amount of historical information for the past 40 years, many models and events from Recognia are available, and all charts are perfectly customizable thanks to the 60 indicators. Overall, even with the basic version of the platform the functionality will be much wider than that of the competitors.


For any area of exchange trading, there is a sufficient amount of materials, around 600 in total. Trader can learn how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis. Both articles and video materials are presented and it is offered to participate in webinars or to watch their records in case for some reason you cannot take part in them. The selection includes both materials prepared by Fidelity and materials of third-party developers. There is a training center where small groups of eight people go through case studies and training in technical analysis.

In the summer of 2020 the company presented the Fidelity Spire application to the general public. This application helps young traders to intelligently distribute financial flows and then it is possible to connect this module to your account.

There are two accounts in total, for short-term goals it is Fidelity Cash Management without commissions and account balance requirements. For long term, it is Fidelity Go.

Moments” section – the ability to enter meaningful moments in life, both in the present. As well as in the future tense. On the page you will find many tips.

Customer Support

24 hours support by phone

Online chat

The most common questions and answers

There is a possibility of communication with the representative of the company. All the transactions on the recommendation of the employee have a commission.

About security:

To log in to the mobile version is available to set up login by fingerprint or face. When changing the IP address, additional questions are used, risky transactions require double confirmation. Also, customer accounts are insured by SIPS for almost two million dollars, this is the maximum available in finance right now. There has not been a single security breach in the company at this time.

The verdict

The broker is suitable for any level of investor, the research provided by the company is top notch.  There are great tools for sorting assets. A lot of training materials and webinars will help newcomers to immerse themselves into the world of trading faster. However, the transitions between different screeners are not very well implemented. However, traders who are used to trading on futures will not find anything here that could provide them with the necessary conditions.

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