JP Morgan reviews

JP Morgan reviews


This review is probably the most interesting of all the reviews made earlier as it is about the market giant whose name is familiar to almost everyone, even those far from the subject of investments. The company is a banking giant and decided not to complicate trading, freeing customers from a long study of the functionality. Reliability, name, reputation – this is the basis for safe investments.

JP Morgan Chase has been dealing with investments for a long time on its own, and now it invites private investors to trade on the stock market. Its own assets have already exceeded two billion U.S. dollars. It offers Purchase/Sale of Stocks, Bonds, Funds, etc. This is not a complete list of assets for investment.  The broker’s offer is especially attractive for the domestic Chase Bank, because trading account funding is possible without any commissions instantly.

Commissions and Fees

JP Morgan Self-Directed does not impose any minimum deposit requirements, this attracts new clients and does not charge for ETF and stock trading. Options trades are also not expensive – $0.65 per contract.

Investment proposal

The company has been working for a long time and knows the key needs of its clients, absolutely all assets for investments are available. Also, clients of Chase bank can pay as an investment a service fee – an annual consultation. The minimum fee is $500.

Limitations of the offer: JP Morgan does not work with the cheap segment of the stock market, as well as does not give the opportunity to trade outside of stock market hours. You will not find stop orders or conditional orders here. We do not suggest that this can disappoint traders. If you are primarily interested in the American market, you have come to the right place, the company focuses on it. 


Chase Bank is one of the largest banks in the U.S., but it also works far beyond America. It has offices in a hundred countries. Assets exceed $2 billion, in addition to savings accounts, the bank is active in the mortgage market, grants loans for any purpose and cards.

Platforms and tools

JP Morgan reviews
JP Morgan reviews

Unlike other companies that offer downloadable versions of the platform, here all trading is done through the web version – Portfolio Builder.

Stock charts: basic analysis is easy even for a beginner, setting up timeframes, event markers, and there are about twenty premium level tools available.

Watchlists: three parameters are available to the user – price, daily variation, intraday variation chart. Quotes correspond to the market, but are not streamed. And observation lists are not provided in the form of a convenient table, but in the form of a list, which is quite inconvenient; you often have to scroll through the list in order to find what you need right now.


Research shares: this is the weakness of the company, reports are provided only on a few items, you can find much more useful information from third-party providers, for example in Yahoo Finance. In comparison, Fidelity offers 12 third-party reports with free trading for all clients, regardless of account balance.

Fund research : there are more pros here. ETF, mutual fund quotes are better represented, most likely this is due to the use of Morningstar, or more specifically, the data the service provides. And yet, research in general is not the company’s strong point. The same Schwab provides Morningstar’s most extensive report in a handy PDF with added graphics.

Market commentary: once a week a group of JP Morgan researchers prepares a market analysis, which of course is quite unchatso with the stock market dynamics.

Mobile trading

Chase customers can easily manage their JP Morgan Self-Directed accounts by downloading the mobile application. After authorization, the client can manage all bank and brokerage operations. It is possible to notice that some basic instruments are missing, for example advanced charts or alerts, but for normal traders this is not an obstacle. It is clear to say that the company provides a clean environment to work in.


Education Videos : explore the section on the site – “Education and Analytics” market reports will be backed up by well sorted additional material, including in video format.

ETFs, mutual funds and options training : not enough information and training materials on these assets.

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