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Kyber Network Отзывы

About the company

Kyber Network is a 2017 decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and DeFi platform that provides token trades for over 1,500 currencies as well as betting, farming, and decentralized app development. The KNC token, created by the exchange, is used to coordinate, gather, and support a range of decentralized services.

 Developers will require the foundations laid down by Kyber Network to construct user-friendly payment streams, apps, and blockchain tools. Wallets, token exchange services, and DeFi systems can all be built on top of the platform right now. Staking, liquidity provisioning, cryptanalytics, and a crypto farm are among the passive revenue sources supported by the Kyber Network. The exchange also functions as an automated market maker, increasing liquidity and reducing slippage while maintaining low prices and tight spreads by utilizing internal and external tokens.

Kyber Network may also be used to send and receive multiple cryptocurrencies. The supplied coins do not have to match the ones received under this method, which speeds up transactions and makes it easier for more companies to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

When trading on Kyber Network, the only fee is a flat 0.1 percent charge, which is low when compared to other controlled and decentralized exchange platforms.

Kyber swap

Kyber Swap is a platform feature that allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies quickly without having to use order books, deposits, or packaging. To get the best pricing, the exchange initiates deals by dynamically routing requests via numerous centralized exchanges and liquidity pools. Clients can also optimize their swaps to obtain the best gas prices or profit margins. Variable slippage tolerance and essential pre-trade information such as minimum yield and expected USD value are also included.

Kyber reserve

This fallback mechanism is a type of local liquidity provision that helps to speed blockchain transactions. Users’ tokens are combined with liquidity offered by other parties in this system. This enables additional coin types to have lower slippage and gas fees. The reserve fund is protected by a transparent fund management mechanism, which ensures that all transactions involving the reserves are documented.

Kyber Network Отзывы

Kyber Developer

The Kyber Network decentralized exchange gives developers the tools they need to create new apps, wallets, exchanges, and platform improvements through this interface. This implies that the platform is always evolving and improving for its users.


The exchange’s token, Kyber Network Crystal, makes it simple to record any information or transactions throughout the network. The token links liquidity providers and pools with individuals in need of liquidity, as well as provide referral benefits for any customers or transactions that pass via the network. Although a portion of each payment is destroyed to maintain the coin deflationary, KNC is also used to collect transaction fees. Another application is to maintain the backup system working well, as third parties are required to acquire KNC to conduct business. Finally, the token may be used as a management tool as well as a betting instrument to produce passive reserve income.


Kyber Network is a Decentralized Financial Exchange (DeFi) that does not save any cash or personal information on its servers. As a result, the danger of identity and information theft is extremely low. Furthermore, because the platform is not a custodian, you and your wallet system are solely responsible for the security of your tokens.


  • No fiat deposits
  • No mobile app

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