TusarFX reviews

TusarFX reviews

TusarFX Ltd is registered in St. Kitts and Nevis, and is managed by its parent company, FXCL Markets Ltd, which is registered in the offshore zone of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company is engaged in support of transactions in the forex and commodity markets. Four account types are available to clients

The trading platform MetaTrader 4 is the most popular in the world with a large number of customizable functions, including a set of indicators, three types of charts, nine timeframes.


Clients are offered up to 30 currency pairs, including the major and exotic ones. Among the goods, the accent is made on precious metals – gold and silver.

Spreads and Fees

TusarFX reviews

Spreads depend on currency pairs, for example, the smallest spread on the pair EUR/USD for tariff premium and it is 1.1 point, and, for example, English funkt/USD start from 2.2 points. For gold it is a very narrow spread, just 0.4 pips, which is way below the Silver spread, which is 3.5 pips. The spreads of the main currency pairs like EUR/USD start at 1.1 pip for a Premium account. For other currency pairs, spreads will exceed two pips per standard lot. The spreads vary quite a lot even within the same group, for example, trading in gold, the company charges 0.4 pips per standard lot, and for silver the spreads are much wider and amount to 3.5 pips. In general, if you choose a commission-free account, the cost of commission will not seem high.


The leverage provided by the company is 1:500, which is a good figure, but also contributes to higher risks.

Mobile applications

There is nothing to surprise the trader here. All the same MT4 mobile version is offered. Of course, there are no questions about it. The application is fast and reliable, in addition to that, the application has extended mobile functions, such as real-time pricing and all possibilities to build a chart. The app has features for withdrawals as well as for deposits.

Demo Account

TusarFX reviews

A standard demo account from MT is available for installation, the trader can familiarize himself with all the features of the platform and test his abilities in the closest possible market conditions. This will help beginners form their first strategy.

Deals and bonuses

The company practices attraction of clients with the help of welcome bonuses, they are from 20 to 50 percent of the deposit amount. An interesting bonus awaits the losing broker, there is a chance to get back up to 70 percent of the amount lost. This will help to save a lot of money.


Nothing clear on the website of the company about the regulatory authorities, but according to our assumption, TusarFX Ltd and FXCL Markets Ltd has regulators at the place of registration.

Additional Features

The company provides a calendar with future events important to the industry, as well as a margin calculator. On entry level there is a number of training materials due to which a new market player can learn to read quotations correctly, learn the market trends, learn to make a simple analysis.

Types of accounts

TusarFX reviews

The company offers 4 accounts: Lite, Standard, Advanced, Premium. The first three types of accounts have no commission, while the Premium account has a 0.6 point commission or .6 for a standard lot.

Support service works without any difficulties, communication is done via live chat or by phone. Because of the lack of personnel, the waiting time is short. The customers speak highly of the expertise of the support staff. The choice of languages is not great: English, Russian and several Asian languages: Chinese, Thai, Malaysian.

Trader’s Safety

TusarFX reviews

TusarFX is very sensitive to our clients’ privacy and we use SSL encryption and True-Suite Authentication. Additional security is provided by Metatrader 4 provider.

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