XM Group reviews

XM Group reviews


XM Group is, in fact, several companies operating under the same brand, each in its own jurisdiction. The first registration was in 2009 in Cyprus.

Six years after the creation of the first company, two more companies were registered in Australia and England and joined the XM.

If in the format of the competition for platform quality and pricing the company is still trying to capture the market, in the training and research of marketing character, the company is confidently occupies one of the first places in the ranking.

Based on our analysis of the company, we have come to the following conclusions:

Although this broker is not managed by a bank, two of the four regulators have the first level of trust.

MT is a service that the organization provides to its clients. The company’s commissions are not cheap; the amount varies depending on the account type chosen.

Investment offer

XM Group Reviews on broker. Pros and Cons. Overview on XM Group Safety and Regulations.
XM Group Reviews on broker. Pros and Cons. Overview on XM Group Safety and Regulations.

When the overall data of all XM Group firms are added together, the number of CFDs reaches 1200, as securities (non-CFDs) are also accessible.

The following is a list of current positions:

XM Group Assets

CFD 1273

Forex pairs 57

Cryptocurrency (physical) No

Cryptocurrency (CFD) No

Social Trading / Copy Trading yes

Prices and commissions

Clients for whom fast execution is a priority will be unhappy with requotes or rejections at zero account level, this does not compare to competitors who work exclusively through agencies. There is a noticeable lag in terms of pricing, at least in the currency market.

Account Options:

Available account types: Micro, Standard, XM Zero and XM Ultra low. The first two types have no commissions, but the spreads are quite high and the last account has no commissions but low spreads.

Spreads and commissions: XM Zero has a larger concentration of them. Start with 0.1 pip for the most common currency pair.

The organization – the lone dealer – can execute currency transactions worth more than $50 million at a moment, allowing for up to 200 transactions to be opened simultaneously.

Equity trading: in addition to the usual forex and CFD, XM Group offers an account for trading stocks as a commodity directly without leverage. This requires a minimum amount of $10,000. It will not bring the same income as margin trading, but will be quite useful for clients who are planning a long-term investment and want to be listed on the share register. Despite the minimum account balance of $10,000, it is advisable to own an account five times that amount to allocate your funds wisely.

Platforms and Instruments

Only the MT platform with add-ons from XM is available. It is a reliable platform, highly valued in the brokerage environment. It has a user-friendly interface and at the same time it has advanced tools for analysis and charting. If you worked earlier with another broker, so you can move to XM with maximum comfort.


XM TV is an internal provider, which offers its own reports and research in video format. Videos about forex trading along with market analysis are created and posted daily. There are podcasts based on this service, where you can listen to the important information in audio format.  It is convenient for traders who spend much time on the road and cannot watch videos. The company has clearly succeeded in training and is two heads ahead of its nearest competitors.

Articles: the website allows you to sort the content by asset type, a good solution that will allow you to find all the news you want.

Trading Signals: For those who work with real accounts, the company offers its own trading signals and communicates with the platform through two services: Autochartist and Analyzzer. We have already mentioned that the broker accept copy-trading, but it is also possible to copy trades through social networks. The company is in step with the times.


XM Group has at its site an expanded set of educational materials on various topics. In addition to the text format it offers video materials in which the most important and interesting themes of the financial market are analyzed with examples.  The Company created its own service – Tradepedia, which contains 39 video lessons.

These videos explain the innovations developed by the company to analyze the market more accurately and show how to use them; note the development called Avramis River.

Webinars: a multilingual team of 49 people is working on this service, a lot of information sorted into groups for traders of all levels.

Mobile Trading

XM Group did not develop its own platform, and offers only MT4 and MT5, with mobile versions. Now it is important to have its own platform development, so, this company is not the leader by this criterion.

The verdict

XM Group has over 1,300 assets to trade, an industry low figure. At the same time the company has much higher spends than its competitors with the commission not exceeding the average figure of the group.  Yes, for experienced traders, there will be more disadvantages, but for beginners the company offers a good start with an extensive database of educational articles and videos.

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