ZuluTrade reviews

ZuluTrade reviews

ZuluTrade is a popular social trading platform that connects traders and investors from all over the world. The service allows investors to automatically copy transactions of successful traders, and providers to make money on their strategies. The platform provides ample opportunities for communication: forum, social chart, ratings and voting. The site has been translated into 24 languages, including Russian. The interface is friendly and intuitive.

How it works?

  • -Traders join ZuluTrade, connect their accounts and share their strategy
  • -ZuluTrade evaluates traders based on their performance, stability, behavior and prospects.
  • -Investors select Traders to copy according to their investment capital and acceptable risk parameters

Frankly speaking, the idea of ​​copying trading signals attracts me much more than investing in PAMM accounts due to the excellent ability to diversify the portfolio of trading signals within one trading account and the good ability to manage the settings of the trading risk parameters. Similar possibilities are technically impossible when investing in PAMM accounts.

In fact, this online service is an intermediary between the trader and his subscribers. That is, signals from traders are first received by the service itself, which then makes a decision on the need to execute these transactions on the subscriber’s trading account.

Zulu works through a direct automatic connection to the server of the brokerage company, that is, everything happens without human intervention and the subscriber does not need to constantly be on the service or platform of his broker.

Copying trades through Zulu Trade is an excellent option for any trader who wants to make money but does not have the necessary knowledge or sufficient time. However, it should be remembered that even professional traders are capable of making mistakes, which means that when using this service there is a huge risk of a complete loss of the investment amount.

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